Anthem's WDIG (Where Do Issues Go). A phone list for the different departments that you might need to reach.

Please find the new and improved Anthem Hot Sheets hot off the presses!!  

Attached, please find:

·         Indexed version, which contains all states with easy navigation by simply clicking on the state you’re looking for, then clicking on the state to get back to the nationwide map.

This tool will provide a quick look into 2019 Anthem plans for quick review. 

The table below shows how much your monthly payment will be in 2019 based on your state, county and the percentage of Extra Help you receive. This does not include any Medicare Part B payment you may have.

This script is to be used for Medicare Advantage plan telephone enrollments.

This script is to be used for Medicare Prescription Drug Plan telephone enrollments.

This link provides the most up to date Medicare Supplement enrollment scripts.